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MPG Integration And co-construction Improve The Guality Of local Residents


MPG Integration And co-construction Improve The Guality Of local Residents

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MPG Integration And co-construction Improve The Guality Of local Residents
MPG launches qualification certification for local employees.

INDONESIAGLOBAL, NAGAN RAYA – MPG adheres to the localization strategy, actively carries out school-enterprise co-construction, strives to cultivate Indonesian power management and technical talents, and continuously improves the quality of the local labor force. Thursday, May 16 2024.

Establish a talent training system. We have actively built a localized talent training system framework, and have successively completed the construction of the Indonesian human resources system, training and training of localized employees, optimizing the allocation of localized employees, and establishing a labor and employment risk early warning mechanism.


The level of human resources management has been significantly improved. We have always insisted on maximizing the employment of people in Aceh Province, and the proportion of Acehnese workers has reached 85%, which has promoted the employment level of local residents and improved the professional skills of personnel.

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Comprehensively implement the talent “strengthening foundation project”. In order to improve the operational level and professional skills of production employees, MPG carried out “mentor-apprentice” training, and more than 100 Indonesian employees signed a “mentor-apprentice agreement.” The “teacher-to-apprentice” activity is an important training measure for the company to promote localized operations.

Chinese and Indonesian employees with high professional level and rich experience serve as learning masters to help junior Indonesian employees carry out professional learning on a “one-on-one” basis. Establish a “mentor-apprentice relationship” among employees in production positions to clarify training objectives, implement mentoring responsibilities, and ensure training quality.

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Human Resources PT. MPG, Yu Ghuangui said
“MPG has established a special subsidy for master-apprentice agreements, and provides master subsidies to masters who undertake training tasks according to stages to increase the master’s enthusiasm for training.”

At the same time, MPG continuously promotes the improvement of the knowledge level and skills of Indonesian employees through localized employee skill appraisal, technical competitions, skills competitions, etc., laying a solid talent foundation for localized operations. (Mimi Saputras)